Programme for 2017-2018 Season: April 2018


Thursday 26 April 2018 (at 7.45pm)

Bunyan Meeting

FRETWORK "In Nomine"
Asako Morikawa, Richard Boothby, Joanna Levine, Emily Ashton, Sam Stadlen, viols

John Taverner:
Christopher Tye:
Robert Parsons:
William Byrd:
Orlando Gibbons:
Nico Muhly:
William Lawes:
Gavin Bryars:
Henry Purcell:

In Nomine
Crye, Trust
In Nomine, Ut re mi, De la Court
In Nomine
In Nomine
Two In Nomines in 5 parts
Slow (In Nomine in 5 parts) (2015)
Consort sett in G minor, Fantazy, On the plainsong, Aire
In Nomine (after Purcell) (1995)
Two Fantazias in four parts, Fantasia upon one note

Fretwork “the finest viol consort on the planet” (London Evening Standard), will demonstrate the treasure trove of In Nomine settings stemming from John Tavener's 16th-century setting of the Benedictus. Over the last 150 years English composers were insired to compose variants in their own style, including two by living composers, Nico Muhly and Gavin Bryars.


Richard Boothby


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